Episode 83: Olivia Christian / Brand Strategist and Facilitator of "Own Your Story"


Shea and Maddie are joined by Olivia Christian (@oliviachristian.co), who runs the amazing workshop "Own Your Story" all over the country! The three discuss millennial work culture, getting paid as a soloprenuer, the concept of "self made", and how Olivia created her workshop and got on the Girlboss Rally stage!

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Instagram: oliviachristian.co

Email: olivia@oliviachristian.co

Links to Things Discussed in the Episode

Camp Adulthood episode where Maddie details her time at Olivia's workshop at the Girlboss Rally

Millennials are Putting Off Having Kids (NYTimes)

Influencers Aren't the Problem (Buzzfeed)

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